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re-evolve your life...

It's never too late to CHANGE.

Welcome to re-evolution mind-body - Online Hypnotherapy - let me help YOU get rid of your baggage so YOU can live the professional and personal life you have dreamed of!

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online hypnotherapy and YOU

Can Hypnotherapy help me in my work and my family life?

Stuck? stressed out? lost? on edge? feeling like this can drive many behaviours like binge eating, procrastination, smoking, weight gain, weight loss, outbursts of anger, burnout, anxiety, stress, overwhelm and many more...  you are not alone and the fact you are here means YOU are taking your first step to ridding yourself of these feelings, this baggage and launching the life you have dreamed of! 

Our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors lived in tight knit tribes somewhere in the middle of the food chain which meant, they developed an incredible sub-conscious that kept them safe and alert to danger. It worked really well for your ancestors as they successfully produced something incredible against all the odds......


Unfortunately, modern life is a far cry from how we evolved and our sub-conscious hasn't caught up! it throws up powerful thoughts, feelings, emotions, images and sensations thrusting us into our Fight-Flight-Freeze response with your mind-body reacting to the stress of a deadline for a presentation or an email from a customer in the same way as an attack from a neighboring tribe or a pack of Saber-tooth Tigers stalking us...

Luckily, Hypnotherapy enables the barrage of negative baggage that's been holding you back to be released  and replaced with self esteem, confidence, drive and a sense of being fully - YOU meaning there are no blockages to you succeeding in work and in your personal life! If you have heard enough already and want a free call to discuss if online hypnotherapy is for you, click the button below, or go to the testimonials to see others who have felt like you are now and decided to take the first step to being unstuck and changing their lives

online hypnotherapy and YOU: About
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re-evolution mind-body online hypnotherapy testimonials

Online hypnotherapy testimonial from Liam, an online business owner and family man

"For years I've been both skeptical and nervous of hypnotherapy, flitting between thinking it can't possibly work, to the other extreme, of worrying it will work too well leaving me permanently under a spell. Short answer? It works. And if it has left me under a spell, it's the best possible kind! After a long period of mental conflict I booked a session with Tom to see if I could find the clarity and direction I've been lacking. In session one I was surprised at how safe and controlled it all felt, but how I could most definitely feel myself accessing a completely different place. Call it a trance. Call it hypnosis. Call it going into my subconscious. Whatever it was, it was incredibly powerful for facilitating change. At the end of the session I felt like my mind had been through a workout, but the good kind of workout that transforms you and leaves you fitter, stronger and more flexible in your mind. If my mind was a rigid, stiff, injured joint, what Tom did was the equivalent of mental physiotherapy, releasing it and helping it move freely again. In session two I found answers that I've been searching for and struggling with for months, potentially even years. It's hard to explain, but I'd liken it to a months of indecision, mental conflict and confusion, all released in a matter of minutes. Like looking at a cloudy, muddy glass of water trying to find something, then suddenly everything is clear and there it is, right there in front of you. It was there all along, but Tom's skill and technique is what helped me find it. Tom is brilliant at what he does, I'm massively grateful and excited about future sessions. I would absolutely recommend everyone book a session with him and at least give it a go. I happen to work in health myself, and I can see the potential for hypnotherapy and Tom's work to be transformative. Do it. Book it. It's completely safe and so worth it!"

Liam, Herts, UK

online hypnotherapy and YOU: About
Happy Hiking

Online hypnotherapy testimonial from Claire, a business owner and family woman

"I wanted to leave a review after having a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Tom, because I am completely sold on the difference this work makes. It blew me away! Tom has an in-depth understanding of how the mind works. He helped me to make the right changes deep within my subconscious to make a difference in my day-to-day life. The sessions felt a bit like doing a personalised, in-depth, guided meditation. I was fully aware of what was going on and just had to use my imagination to be guided to the work I needed to do. I was apprehensive at first, having never done anything like this before, but I felt comfortable and confident throughout. But the difference it made afterwards…! I feel that something has shifted inside. I feel a sense of relief and motivation that had been missing for some time. I now think that this work should be part of everyone’s self-care routine. We live vastly different lives to our ancestors and yet our hardware remains unchanged. It’s not surprising that we need to actively work on our minds to be able to cope and find joy in the modern world. Try it! See what it can do for you."

Claire, Staffordshire, UK

online hypnotherapy and YOU: About
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