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what is Re-Evolution?

Our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors lived in tight knit tribes and Re-Evolution has evolved to become a just such a tribe of like minded people. We utilize the community power of Facebook to re-evolve together where we learn how we are designed, how our minds & bodies work and how we can become “Well-beings.” The free, closed group is Re-Evolution Tribe.

We go on regular low cost, online “expeditions” where we discover how to use hypnotic visualizations, choose our unique paths, set compelling goals, create lasting habits and together lead more fulfilling, happier lives.

The Re-Evolution Tribe uses Facebook to motivate, inspire and support each other as we journey to discover more about ourselves. 


what is an expedition?

Just like our ancient ancestors will have explored their territories and surrounding areas, Re-Evolution goes on online "expeditions" to learn how to use our mind-bodies to lead more purposeful, impactful and happier lives. 

Run in closed groups in Facebook, joining an expedition will enable you to grow and learn with a community of like-minded people. Expeditions typically contain elements of the below:

  • Guided hypnotic visualizations

  • Conscious and subconscious exercises

  • "life audits" 

  • Lessons to plan and create unique habit change 

  • Journalling

  • Content delivered through Facebook and email

  • Support within the private group from myself and each-other.

If you are new to Re-Evolution and our ethos, the ideal expedition to get involved with first is Re-Evolutionise

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