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How many thoughts? Can you learn self hypnosis?

To learn to go into self-hypnosis is relatively easy as it’s a skill you have already mastered!

"REALLY?" I hear you ask.


On average, you go into hypnosis 7 times per day believe it or not! From daydreaming, to watching telly, to “zoning out” when being berated by your other half… From driving your car and realizing you have no memory of parts of the journey to staring into the fridge right at what you are looking for yet oddly not seeing it (or is that just me?).

So, you probably recognize these symptoms and have similar experiences yourself (any bizarre ones please do share in the comments😊). However, what’s the point of going into this trance like state?

How this was calculated, I’m not sure but on average, we have 80,000 thoughts per day, rather more than I expected. Never-the-less, if we take these 80,000 thoughts and accumulate them over a week, that’s over half a million thoughts!

Nearly 2.5 million per month.

Over 29 million per year.

Something to Reflect On:

If we take the 80,000 per day and ponder on this for a while as it could be very telling; how many are incredible thoughts? How many are awful.. indifferent… humorous… terrible… sad… happy… mweehhh?

80% are the same thoughts as the day before and the day before that also. In fact, we could be repeating the same old thoughts (80% of 80,000), 64,000 for quite a long period – habitually. Or in other words, self-hypnosis, re-living and blowing life into these ruminating thoughts. Great if those thoughts are brilliant. But what if they’re bad?

Let’s say you have been ruminating on a number of bad things though and have found that these are taking up most of your thought capacity, that could be 50,000 thoughts that are bad…

Over a week that’s 350,000 bad thoughts.

Over a month. That’s 1.5 million thoughts.

Over a year, that’s 18 million per year.

So how do we turn the tide?

Hypnosis… just do it far better!

Purposely taking yourself into an incredibly focussed trance state is like a Segway to the subconscious mind where you can learn to communicate with it, telling it essentially what you want and it will start to trigger more positive thoughts to keep you on this track.

“Where focus goes, energy flows!”

watch the video below to learn a simple self-hypnosis technique and give it a go, or, if you would like to experience hypnosis with me and to aid you in “turning your tide” click the link to book a free call with me.

How did you find that? If you liked it, try this.

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Brilliant! I never knew you could stop rain in its tracks! Good to know. 😀

We should all make the effort to access this state of relaxation before each meal. It’s called the state of ‘rest and digest’ for a reason. We don’t digest well in the ‘fight or flight’ state and that can lead to digestive issues. So I’m going to make the effort to do this four times a day; before each meal, and at bedtime.

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