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Relieve Stress and Anxiety Meditation

This hypnotic visualization to relieve stress and anxiety meditation has included some powerful anchoring and homework (the good kind of homework) actions at the end so you can really experience the benefits of this powerful hypnotic meditation.

Remember, hypnosis is nothing more and nothing less than pure focus and fired up imagination. We go into this incredible state multiple times throughout the day where our thoughts drift off, however, we are still functioning perfectly well!

An example may be driving your car and suddenly, "coming round," a few miles down the road and thinking, "How on Earth did I get here?" Your subconscious was driving (perfectly well) and your mind drifted off to gaga land!

Your powerful mind learns to drive consciously - this takes incredible energy - how tired were you after your first lessons? Over time, it becomes far more subconscious so you can also focus on other things and save energy driving on auto pilot!

So what?

When you go into hypnosis or a hypnotic state you really fire up the imagination and create experiences, visions, emotions, sounds etc and these are the language of the subconscious, The more you imagine and get involved in the experience of hypnosis and with the right sort of language, you can change your mind and I don't just mean decide on something else but you can create different chemical cascades and trigger neural growth, breaking old patterns and creating new patterns...

Again.... So what?

Well, if you can ditch the old rubbish like bad beliefs, anxious thoughts, fear etc and swap in confidence, and self worth - this is where it gets really interesting.

Why I use Gratitude

In this hypnotic guided visualization, we focus upon a gratitude because gratitude is the antidote to negative emotions such as stress and anxiety.

In almost any culture across the planet, whether it is a first world country or a distant tribe, before every meal, either a prayer or a gratitude ritual is practiced. This has the biological effect of triggering the para-sympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as the rest and digest state making you feel far more relaxed.

If you can create a gratitude habit, you're laughing, quite literally.

Re-live a gratitude moment and amplify the feelings, images, thoughts, sounds and emotions now by following the link below and remember to be in a safe place where you are not driving etc...

Remember, you can book a free call to see if an online hypnotherapy one to one session with me can help you ditch your baggage and propel yourself into the future you have dreamed of...

And here's your video :-)

2 commenti

13 dic 2021

Great! i'm glad you enjoyed it and now you can really enjoy more "pink!" 😊

Mi piace

13 dic 2021

Thanks, Tom. I really enjoyed that! I feel so relaxed and blissed out right now. I got the colour pink. That’s lucky because with having daughters I am surrounded by pink. Also my favourite gem is pink so I’m going to put that next to my bed to look at each morning. Keep doing what you’re doing. It makes a difference.

Mi piace
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