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You flipping well are good enough! But what's holding you back?

When I work with someone and their subconscious mind whether formally with hypnosis or through conversation, we often discover that what drives their behaviours (without their knowledge most of the time) is patterns built around the following statement:

"I am not good enough!"

Sometimes, they may be aware they feel this sense but not of the hidden patterns that exist in their subconscious that occur because of this belief. Here's an example of one:

  • Always trying to please others (often to the detriment to themselves)

Did that resonate with you? Here's another:

  • Turning down opportunities before giving them a chance (I couldn't do that i'm not smart enough, fast enough, fit enough etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..)

If you are wondering whether you have this sort of belief, that "you are not good enough." because the above points really have made you think and question yourself... read on.

To explore the rabbit hole deeper, start tuning into your excuses (we all make them don't we?) to why you are not moving forwards or taking actions that are bringing you closer to your dream life. This exercise will highlight stuff going on in your mind that is driving your behaviours, keeping you stuck! and being stuck feels like crap. Unfortunately, being stuck has a side effect of making you fear moving forward, keeping you stuck!

Enough of the negativity...

Let's flip this!

Follow the order below so your mind-body, intellect, conscious and subconscious is in alignment.

  1. Realize you are an incredible miracle - watch the video below, a snippet of a couple of incredible, eye-opening and TRUTHFUL paragraph's from the book "A Short History of Nearly Everything," by Bill Bryson.

  2. Daydream for 1 minute - your perfect future and be in the moment, feel, smell listen - what would you be doing, hearing, seeing? write these down!

  3. Change the chemistry in your body - shake everything for a few seconds - get your physiology and psychology echoing each other!

  4. Take your written down stuff from your daydream and write "post it" notes and relate them to your dreams. Post them all over your house!!! this again ties in mind-body, goals, dreams, conscious and subconscious, essentially you are self-hypnotising in an incredibly powerful way!

Here are some Ideas for post it notes:

  • "I am good enough,"

  • "I am starting to move more and more each day" (if in your dream you are fitter, healthier, more active)

  • "I am getting better and better at making good food choices."

  • "I am being more and more social every day"

  • "I am finding things to be grateful for more and more."

why not let me know what your daydream was in the comments - what are your newly created affirmations?

Here is the promised video and remember you are good enough and go about the rest of your day being the miracle you are... and then repeat...

Tom :-)


Dec 17, 2021

In my daydream I was doing something similar to you, Tom. Helping others to be healthier and happier. And I was involved in the community, making a difference. I’ll get my post-it notes out!

Dec 17, 2021
Replying to

that's really good - did you write it down, the details of your daydream (apart from typing it here :-)

let me know what you write on your post-it's!

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